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Yahoo php Weather Widget

Go here for more Our Yahoo! Weather Widget has web 2.0 reflections, displays multiple locations, and scrolls using jQuery or Mootools!

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Yahoo! php Weather Widget  Yahoo! php Weather Widget
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Yahoo! php Weather WidgetThis xml and php based Weather Widget utilizes the Yahoo! RSS Weather feed and retrieves the data so that it can be attractively displayed on your site. If you can find the forecast on weather.yahoo.com, then this script can retrieve and display it! This php weather script provides the current temperature (in Fahrenheit or Celsius) along with the weather conditions, including its respective graphical weather condition icon — now with an option to add web 2.0 reflections! Also, the forecasts for the remainder of the day and the next four days are provided ... a full 5 day forecast! New Product!  The script can retrieve any US Zip code or worldwide Location ID and caches the data into separate files which save time and bandwidth for repeated displays. The caching folder dynamically resides on the client-side and is done through flat files. Consequently, no database is needed. You can display the weather feed in any manner you desire, including the ability to search by US Zip Code or World-Wide Location Weather ID — found in the forecast URL for any given city on weather.yahoo.com. Included are the 11 demo files below and the loopScroller (to the left) which illustrate various ways to display the weather data. Also compatible with Wordpress! Compatible with WordPress Blogs

Demo in Fahrenheit with Small Icons:Web 2.0 Reflections
Demo in Fahrenheit with Large Icons:Web 2.0 Reflections
5 DAY FORECAST Demo in Celsius with Small Icons:Web 2.0 Reflections
Demo in Celsius with Large Icons:Web 2.0 Reflections
Demo in Fahrenheit with Small Icons and Web 2.0 Reflections »  New Product!
Demo in Fahrenheit with Large Icons and Web 2.0 Reflections »  New Product!
Sliding "Kwicks" Demo using  Yahoo Weather Widget with easing using jQuery Kwicks Sliders:
php Yahoo Weather Widget - Demo 7: Weather for

  • Virgin Islands
  • NOW

    php Yahoo Weather Widget

  • High:    Low:
    php Yahoo Weather Widget

  • High:    Low:
    php Yahoo Weather Widget
Demo Using Transparent Yahoo "Glass" Icons on Colored Background:Yahoo Glass Weather Icons
Mix Mash Demo:Web 2.0 Reflections
Another Mix Mash with Small Yahoo "Bliss" Icons:Yahoo Bliss Weather Icons
By request, you can now search by Zip Code or Location ID! »  New Product!
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loopScroller example Demo for Yahoo! php Weather Widget loopScroller


3.6     New - 5 Day Weather Forecast! Now with a 5 Day Forecast and the loopScroller!


1.9 mb [includes ALL demo files!]


5-star rating


$20.00   $5.00 (USD)   for a limited time only!     Hot Buy! Hot Buy!

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Best Yahoo! php Weather Widget - Retrieve and display your local weather from the Yahoo! Weather website  Yahoo! php Weather Widget with loopScroller

Compatible with WordPress Blogs
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